Established in 2008, by Adnan Omar Al Obthani, Managing Director and Haidar Mohamed, Co-Founder and General Manager, Fanar Productions began with a dream: to create and deliver both compelling and high quality entertainment through computer-generated animation (CG). Every Fanar Project is based on capturing the spirit of Emirati culture, traditions and lifestyles across the multi-cultural population living in the UAE and the region.

Appealing to both regional and global audiences, the company is committed to developing its own IPs (Intellectual property) and marketing them across multiple revenue platforms including video, Television, cinema, mobile content, gaming, licensing & merchandising.

Whatever the commercial venture, we ensure that the company upholds a high level of social responsibility through various community initiatives and adhering to cultural sensibilities.


Fanar Productions aims to become a leader in world-class entertainment , showcasing both creative content and technical prowess, making Emirati culture and values widely known, the world over.


Fanar Productions has strategically adopted a dual philosophy of 'growth' and 'quality'.
Our values ensure that everyone at Fanar is aligned with the company's mission:


Our creative team is constantly exploring new ideas through a consistent participation in workshops, seminars and symposia related to the entertainment industry.


Whether it is technology or market trends, our employees regularly update their knowledge and systems to ensure superior quality.


Market intelligence is key to success within the entertainment industry. It is our endeavour to stay ahead of the times, to showcase our leadership within the region.


Adequately equipped with multicultural and multi-disciplinary talents from across the world, the state-of-the art studio offers the best of preproduction and post production facilities at par with international standards.

At Fanar, ideas and technology converge to produce cutting edge creativity across all its Projects.


At Fanar, the creative, technical and the marketing teams all bring years of experience and expertise of the global entertainment industry. In fact many of them have held leading positions in film and animation production, computer graphics and information technology, across the world.

At Fanar, we believe people are assets and therefore we provide an enriching and professional work culture that is dedicated to both the growth of the company and the growth of the individual.