Haidar Mohammed

Co Founder and General Manager of Fanar production. Mr. Haidar founded The Company "Generation Works" a business unit under the umbrella of Qanawat Company which produces the famous series "Shaabiyat Al Cartoon". He is also famous for his caricatures which was daily published in Al Bayan Newspaper from the year 1996 until 2005. After that, he published his caricatures in Emirates Today Newspaper from 2005 until 2009. Mr. Haidar participated in many exhibitions and forums with his caricatures all around the Emirates, along with being a member jury in many local and international caricature competitions. He has four books and received several awards during his career.

Honors and Awards :

  • Best Business man in the year 2007 from Mohammed Bin Rashid establishment for SME Development.
  • Appreciation award for Best caricature of the year 2008 from Taryam Omran Awards, Al Khaleej Newspaper.
  • Best Emarati Talent of the year 2009 from Dubai International Film Festival.

Adnan Omar Al-Obthani

Co Founder and CEO of Fanar Production. Mr. Adnan is also the CEO, Managing Director and founder of Qanawat He is an entrepreneur with over 18 years of business experience, 10 of them in the Telecom Industry. He has worked mainly in Middle East.

Before founding Qanawat, Mr. Al Obthani was running his family businesses in various sectors and was consultant in international trading for companies in KSA, Kuwait and UAE.

Mr. Al Obthani is a pioneer in the mobile content business in the middle east. He holds a Masters degree in International Businesses from University of Wollongong, Australia.

Abdulla Ahmad Al Falasi

Joined the group in October 2009 as a Business Development Manager. Mr. Abdulla helped in founding the Fanar production company. He is responsible for all the managerial activities in the company and the constant development of the latest projects. Mr. Abdulla is also the head of sponsorship and merchandising department. He managed and supervised the last exhibition of Fanar Production in Character Dubai 2010.

Mohammed Shiras

Joined the group in February 2007 as the Finance Manager of Fanar Production and had a major role in company incorporation and setting up the financial system. He is now managing the Finance and Administration of the company.

Omar Younis

Joined the group in 2007 as an Assistant Director, he has responsibilities in executing storyboards, character modeling, animation, and post production.